ExcelReader can Read Excel files in pure C# without interop.

One of my customers ask me to Convert Excel to XML and save the data to database on website, but his website does not support Ms Excel. I have to look for another solution, on CodeProject, I got ExcelReader.

Sample Image - ExcelReader.png


This library is built based on the following documents, thanks to their authors:

Record structures in BIFF8/BIFF8X format are considered.

What it can do?

  • It can read read worksheets in a workbook and read cells in a worksheet.
  • It can read cell content (text, number, datetime, or error) and cell format (font, alignment, linestyle, background, etc.).
  • It can read pictures in the file, get information of image size, position, data, and format.

Using the code

  1. Open file:
  2. Read cell:

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