SubSonic – The Zero Code DAL(the ASP.NET ActionPack)

SubSonic is a toolset that helps a website build itself. At it’s core it’s:

* A Data Access Layer (DAL) builder that requires no code on your part, it builds itself at compile-time with a full object layer and strongly-typed collections
* A complete utility toolset, complete with Rails-like scaffolding, migrations (DB Versioning), and code generators
* A dynamic query tool, that lets you use SQL Server and the Enterprise Library without having to know SQL
* An OR Mapper that extends to views and stored procedures so you’re not locked into the OR/M thing

download it
View a 20 minute demo webcast

Rob Conery on Subsonic
Rob Conery talks about the appeal of Ruby on Rails and Subsonic, his ASP.NET productivity tool with Rails-like features.

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