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the Flying Saucer 100% Java XHTML+CSS renderer

The Flying Saucer Project, An XML/XHTML/CSS 2.1 Renderer (100% in java)

There are two great articles about using Flying Saucer for practical purposes:

Flying Saucer Features

Supported Features in CSS 2.1

Flying Saucer supports all of CSS 2.1 with a few exceptions. Consult the issue tracker for more information on what is not supported (in particular, the issues with a summary of “Support …”) or ask on the mailing list. If you do encounter a compliance bug or other unexpected behavior, please open a bug or post to the mailing list.


  • 100% Java XML+CSS layout engine with Java2D (Swing) and native PDF output. SWT coming soon.
  • Strong support for the CSS 2.1 specification including extensions to better support paged media.
  • Good performance.
  • Support for XHTML including forms.
  • Arbitrary elements may be replaced with custom content.
  • Limited support for dynamic effects (for example, the :hover pseudo-class and links)
  • Some support for PDF specific features (for example, bookmarks and internal links). More coming soon.


  • Resource loading is single threaded and occurs inline with layout.
  • Support for XHTML is weaker than XML+CSS (for example, not all XHTML presentational attributes are supported nor are X/HTML features like the <object> element).
  • No support for legacy HTML (although there are several open source Java HTML cleaners of varying quality available).
  • Swing printing is supported, but quality is lacking. Ask on the mailing list for details.
  • No support for incremental layout (applies to screen media only).

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