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iTextSharp will be used in SharpDevelopReports

From the SharpDevelopReports forum, Peter Forstmeier said “i’m switching from PdfSharp to itextSharp“.
from SharpDevelopReports Roadmap, it says “Change from PdfSharp to iTextSharp”.
btw, I attach some info about SharpDevelopReports,


SharpDevelop Reports (SDR) is the open source .NET reporting solution formerly known as SharpReport. It started as an integrated part of SharpDevelop, but it is now developed as a standalone reporting solution (that still ships with SharpDevelop). SDR supports Windows clients as well as Web applications thanks to its ability to use printers or output directly to PDF. Databases as well as object lists are supported as data sources.

Version 2.2

SharpDevelop Reports is integrated with the open source IDE SharpDevelop (Download SharpDevelop). SDR, however, is also available as a standalone download from SourceForge.

Please note that the binaries do not ship with sample reports or reporting applications. To get access to the samples, please download the source distribution. Sample documentation can be found online on this site Samples.

Most Current Version

The most current released version is 2.2. The build number is, 6/28/2007.

Important: due to changes in the file format, report files from version 2.1 or older cannot be loaded with SDR 2.2.

System Requirements

In order to run SharpDevelop Reports, you need the following:

  1. Windows XP SP2 or newer
  2. .NET Framework 2.0 installed

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