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How to recover the damaged excel files

Feel free to have a look this bid on the RAC first, Recover excel file

Excel file 2003 corrupted when I performed this operation

Select all the data in column A, then go to Edit>Go To…. Ctrl+G and then click Special. Now check the Blanks option and click OK. This will now have selected only the empty cell within the list. Now push the Equals (=) key, then the Up arrow and finally, holding down the Ctrl key, push Enter.

I have included my attempt to recover which loses all the columns which had formulas.

Sometimes, the excel file will be corrupted when you record or modify a macro, you can open it correctly, how to recover it?
of course there are many softwares that claim they can recover the damaged excel files, but I do not which one can recover the excel files with macros, and after some study, I have a easy way,
1. Use Ms Excel to get all worksheets, you can get a new excel file, but without any macros.
2. Use OpenOffice to get all VBA modules(Macro)
3.import macros to the excel.

btw, if you do not like install OpenOffice, you can use Portable

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