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A Free 2.0 hosting offers free 2.0 hosting now, supports Ms Sql Server Express 2005 and FTP, with 50M web space and 2G Monthly Data Transfer.
I just registered one, and installed YetAnotherForum.Net(yafnet),

Package   FREE        
2 Years Subscription   FREE        
1 Year Subscription   FREE        
6 Month Subscription   FREE        
3 Month Subscription   FREE        
Disk Space & Data Transfers   50 MB        
Web Space   50 MB        
E-mail Space          
Database Space (MS SQL 2005)          
Monthly Data Transfer   2 GB        
Domains & subdomains            
Domain   3rd level        
DNS Management          
Domain Aliases          
Additional Subdomains          
Operating System            
Windows Server Systems          
.NET Framework 1.1 / ASP.NET 1.1          
.NET Framework 2.0 / ASP.NET 2.0          
.NET Framework 3.0          
.NET Framework 3.5 / ASP.NET 3.5   soon…        
ASP 3.0          
ASP.NET AJAX          
PHP 5.x (without any support and guarantee)          
E-mail services            
E-mail accounts with multiple aliases          
Additional E-mail Accounts          
SMTP, POP3, IMAP          
IceWarp Web Mail          
IceWarp WebMail Pro          
Anti-Spam Protection          
Anti-Virus Protection          
Mailing list (Moderated, Digest)          
File Catalog          
List server          
Notification with split/filter/add headers/SMS conversion          
Remote POP account with deduplication feature          
Static Route          
Instant Messaging Server          
VoIP Server          
GroupWare Server          
CalDAV Server          
SyncML Server          
FTP Services            
FTP Accounts   1x        
Additional FTP Accounts          
MS Access          
MS SQL 2005 Express Edition (User Instances only)          
MS SQL 2005 Workgroup Edition          
Web-based Administration for SQL Server 2005 (myLittleAdmin)          
Web-based Backup/Restore for SQL Server 2005 (myLittleBackup)          
Remote Access (SQL Server Management Studio) – only with static IP          
MySQL 5.x (without any support and guarantee)          
Additional Services            
URL Rewrite          
Web Site Statistics          
Additional Web Site Statistics          
IIS Log Access          
ASP.NET Full Trust Level          
Web Server Backup          
E-mail Server Backup          
Database Server Backup          
Backup Restore on Customer Request          
Customer Support            
Working Day Support 8×5 (10:00 -18:00) – Contact Form          
Working Day Support 8×5 (10:00 -18:00) – Contact Form / Phone          
Nonstop Support 24×7 – Contact Form / Phone          
Expected Response Time          
Hardware and Network            
Redundant Backbone Connections          
UPS Battery Backup          
Diesel Generator Backup          
Nonstop Monitoring 24×7          
    Free Hosting        

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