PdftoTiff-Free windows software to convert PDF to Tiff

This is just a example that show how to convert all pages of a given pdf to single page tiffs(to a given folder).
it uses pdftoppm(part of xpdf) and pnmtotiff(part of netpbm).
If you do not want download xpdf and netpbm but want to have a test, please download it here(pdftotiff0.1, 730K), it only includes pdftoppm.exe, pnmtotiff.exe, libnetpbm10.dll, jpeg62.dll, libtiff3.dll, zlib1.dll and a batch file.
btw, base on this example, you can easily implement pdftojpeg, pdftopng, pdftojbig, pdftotiffcmyk and so on.

rem create folder
md %2
rem convert pdf page to ppm
pdftoppm -r 100 %1 %2\1
rem convert ppm to tiff
for %%i in (%2\*.ppm) do echo pnmtotiff -color %%i>%2\%%~ni.tif
rem delete ppm
del /q %2\*.ppm

NetPbm for Windows

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