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PDFedit-Linux Version Open Source PDF Editor

Free editor for PDF documents. Complete editing of PDF documents is possible with PDFedit. You can change raw pdf objects (for advanced users) or use many gui functions. Functionality can be easily extended using a scripting language (ECMAScript).

About the Project
Free (and open source) editor for manipulating PDF documents. GUI version + commandline interface.
Scripting is used to a great extent in editor and almost anything can be scripted, it is possible to create own scripts or plugins.
Target platform are operating systems of Unix type (Linux, BSD, …), we are using C++, XPDF, QT3 and QSA.
Note: QT3.x is required, editor can’t be compiled with QT4.x. In most distributions both qt3 and qt4 can be installed at once.
Editor is released under terms of GNU GPL version 2
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