Clone Backup and Restore OpenVZ VE with vzdump

In order to save time and easily clone, backup and restore OpenVZ VE under CentOS4.6_x86_64, I found a tool named vzdump, it is very easy to use.

Install vzdump
#rpm -i vzdump-1.1-1.noarch.rpm
#yum install rsync
I also need
#rpm -i cstream-2.7.4-3.el4.rf.x86_64.rpm

Backup my first VE,
vzdump --compress --stop 101
it will create two file under /vz/dump folder, vzdump-101.tgz and vzdump-101.log

to do restore job, first I destroy VE 101
#vzctl stop 101
#vzctl destroy 101
then restore 101
vzdump –restore /vz/dump/vzdump-101.tgz 101

vzdump –restore /vz/dump/vzdump-101.tgz 102
clone is similar with restore but with a different veid
then do some set up job similar with create a new ve.

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