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XPS Viewer Portable Version for Windows XP

I tried to install Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack(aka XPSEP or XPS Essentials Pack) many times on my PC, but failed, after searching, I got the answer. Then I thought how about just copy the necessary file on a fresh PC to run the XPSEP, after tested, it works. So I share it here for the friends who do not want to install XPSEP or failed to install XPSEP.
Download it now,
XPS Viewer EP-portable(2.19M)

If you just want to view XPS, you can use IE plug-in after install Windows XP SP3, but it is very slow, and once you set your Firefox as default browser, you have to try to browser xps document with IE to open it.

Oct 20, 2009
If you do not want to install .NET Framework 3.0, I recommend you A Free Win32 Native Code version XPS Viewer or try java-axp, java version XPS Viewer(free and open source)

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