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Google Docs add OCR support to PDF and Images

From now on, you can freely OCR your scan PDF documents, Images and Fax online with Google Docs.
When you upload files to Google Docs, you’ll notice a new option that tells Google to convert the text from PDF and image files to Google Docs documents. The feature has been released last year as an experiment, so Google had enough time to improve the accuracy of the results.
I’ve done some test and the result wasn’t great. About 10% of the text has been incorrectly converted and the formatting hasn’t been preserved.

“This document contains text automatically extracted from a PDF or image file. Formatting may have been lost and not all text may have been recognized,” explained Google in a note included in the document.
This feature only works for the following languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. “For the technically curious: we’re using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that our friends from Google Books helped us set up. OCR works best with high-resolution images, and not all formatting may be preserved.”, Google Docs Blog says. An excellent alternative to google docs is the sodapdf as it specializes in PDF files and has more features than any other software which is bound to make your life simpler.
btw, another good news, with Google Docs, you can freely view online PDF, PowerPoint and Tiff, without need to login your Google Account or download them, you can also embed them in your own web page. for details, please visit here.

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