RubyPDF Blog Open Source JBIG2Enc Win32 Version update to 0.27

JBIG2Enc Win32 Version update to 0.27

Today(Oct 26, 2010), I got a email about JBIG2 Encoder win32 binary update request,

Dear Steven,

I came across your Windows compiled version of jbig2enc. It’s very
useful – thanks a lot for making it available!

I was wondering whether you might consider making a new binary from the
latest Git version, which adds support for retaining DPI information. I
have been having a lot of trouble getting it to compile myself in MinGW.


Misty De Meo

After some efforts, the win32 version jbig2enc 0.27 is out, and can be download from Windows version JBIG2 Encoder-Jbig2.exe.

btw, I used leptonlib-1.66, not leptonlib-1.58 in the compilation.

David Foster donated US$60, thanks.

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