Convert html to SWF with Free tools wkhtmltopdf and pdf2swf

wkhtmltopdf is a simple shell utility to convert html to pdf using the webkit rendering engine, and qt.
pdf2swf(part of SWFTOOLS) is A PDF to SWF Converter. Generates one frame per page. Enables you to have fully formatted text, including tables, formulas, graphics etc. inside your Flash Movie. It’s based on the xpdf.
Both of them are open source and can works on multi-platform(cross platform), so If we want to convert a html file or webpage to SWF, we can use wkhtmltopdf to convert html(webpage) to PDF, then use pdf2swf to convert pdf to swf.


P.S. A simple routine and example(result),
wkhtmltopdf "" "Integrating Lua into an iPhone App.pdf"
pdf2swf "Integrating Lua into an iPhone App.pdf" "Integrating Lua into an iPhone App.swf"

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