How to Turn on Measure Tool in Reader for 25,000 PDF documents

It is a real case, and the author of Turn on Measure Tool in Reader for 25,000 PDF documents has been my customer, he bought my software Batch ReaderEnable, because he has already bought the license of Adobe Acrobat, so he just payed extra USD$39, and he can easily converted 25,000 PDF documents.
And, I’d like to correct something in his requirement,

I work for a city government and I have 25,000 scanned maps as PDF documents. Our users (they have Acrobat Reader(should be Adobe Reader) would like to be able to use the measure tool to measure distances on the maps.
From my research, it seems I need to turn on “Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader”(should be “Enable For Commenting and Analysis In Adobe Reader” aka “Reader Enable” and in Adobe Acrobat X Pro, it is called “Enable Commenting & Measuring…” ) in order for that tool to work in Adobe reader. Also from my research, it seems there is no way to automate, or batch process, these action for the 25,000 PDF files. There are some references on the web that LiveCycle can do this(Yes, Adobe LiveCycle can do it, but it is very expensive), but nothing confirmed, and when I called Adobe support they said in face, it was NOT possible to batch “enable usage rights“(“Enable Commenting & Measuring”). At. All. Period.

btw, Batch ReaderEnable Updates to Support Adobe Acrobat X Pro

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