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Shrink Virtualbox VM And Free Up More Hard Disk Space

One of my server has only 300M space, I have to do something to free up my hard disk space.

I use VirtualBox with many Guests, so I decided shrink them.

refer to How To Shrink Your Virtualbox VM And Free Up Space For Your Hard Disk, when remount the filesystem in read-only mode, I got the following error,

mount: / is busy

after search, I got the answer, I should go to single user mode, or run the following command,

init 1

btw,  we can also try to use CloneVDI.

Features  of version 2.02 include:

  • Reads VDI,VHD,VMDK,Parallels HDD,RAW files and physical drives, writes VDI.
  • A simple GUI Interface.
  • A CLI interface too (for people who like that kind of thing!)
  • Ability to compact (discard unused blocks from) the clone, with no need to run sdelete/zerofree first.
  • Ability to enlarge the maximum size of a virtual disk, optionally enlarging the main partition too.
  • User choice to either keep the old UUID or generate a new one for the clone.
  • Some useful diagnostics about the source VDI, such as the partition map and the internal fileystem.
  • Better feedback while cloning: a progress bar and an estimated time to completion.
  • It seems to be significantly faster than “VBoxManage clonehd”.
  • Open source.

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