PDFTextStream is Free for Use in Single-threaded Applications

PDFTextStream is a  PDF content extraction library for Java and .NET(in fact, the .NET version is compiled with IKVM).
PDFTextStream is similiar to PDFBox(Open source), but it is a commercial product, could not be used free before v2.6.
Compare to PDFBox, another difference is  PDFTextStream is much faster than PDFBox( I got the report from the home page of PDFTextStream without testing).

Because of the realities of the economics around developing and maintaining a product like PDFTextStream, its pricing has often been out of reach of many projects and very small organizations that really need high-quality PDF content extraction functionality. That’s not to say that PDFTextStream is overpriced — it’s actually less expensive than other options — but that is small comfort to many that simply cannot afford or cannot justify the expenditure yet.
This change should fix that: if you have a smaller project, are working on a startup, are involved in information research, etc., you can now benefit from all that PDFTextStream has to offer.

for more details, please visit here.

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