RubyPDF Blog PDF pdfcrack 0.13 Windows Version Release

pdfcrack 0.13 Windows Version Release

In this version, I decide use MinGW, not Cygwin to compile it.
About sigaction issue, after some research, I got help from
and here is the source code of winhack.c and  winhack.h.

Another issue, when run
pdfcrack.exe encrypted.pdf -l savedstate.sav
I got the following message,
Error: Not a savefile or savefile is damaged
and I have to change(I tried -std=c99, no work either)
static const char string_FILTER[] = "\nFilter(%zu): ";
static const char string_FILTER[] = "\nFilter(%u): ";

pdfcrack 0.13 still does not support AES-256 R6 Encryption(PDF 2.0).

Compare to 0.11 , pdfcrack 0.13 has many changes,

2014-02-10 Henning Nor̩n <> Р0.13

  •  Skip strip and add debug symbols in Makefile
  •  Bail out if encountering rev 5+ (Not supported)
  •  Fix parsing of certain rev 4+ documents
  •  Add initial support for rev 5 (SHA256)
  •  Fix rev 3 owner password issues when other than 128 bit keylengths
  •  Update copyright dates in header of files
  •  Fix a gcc warning
  •  Fix filemode when opening a file on unix to make it more portable
  • Thanks to Shinobu Maehara for the notice
  •  Fix a pdfparser logic bug, thanks to Shinobu Maehara for reporting

2014-02-01 Henning Nor̩n <> Р0.12

  • Print warning for odd key lengths
  •  Add support for handling Rev 3 with other than 128 bit keylengths
  •  Try parsing Encrypt object even when ID object is not found
  •  Fix a few gcc-warnings


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