Using EDUP EP-N8508GS USB Mini WIFI adapter on Windows 2008r2

We have a Server installed Windows 2008r2, and I have to use wireless. I have 3 optional solution,

  • Xiaomi Mini Wifi adapter, does not work, maybe I forget enable VLAN Feature, will test again later.
  • EDUP EP-N8508GS Mini WIFI adapter, no driver for EDUP EP-N8508GS, but EP-N8508GS Driver For Win 8/7/XP works.
  • B-Link Wireless Router, seems unstable, I tried in repeater mode.

To use a wireless connection on a system running Windows Server 2008 R2, you need enable Wireless Networking on Windows Server 2008 R2 first,

  • open Server Manager
  • Select Features in the left pane
  • Select Add Features
  • Select the check box next to Wireless LAN Service
  • Press the Install button to confirm your selection



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