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  • Machine Learning : R, SAS, Python, CRM
  • Database: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, NoSQL

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  1. Hi Mister Ruby,

    I was using one of your article and mainly your .NET code for filling in automatically a PDF Form using iTextSharp dll. It is working very well and thank you for this article. It is even working for Chinese language (this is the aim of my project indeed). Unfortunately I have a little problem with my PDF form. Actually this form contains a BarCode textfield created with Adone Designer. The problem is that when I modify this textfield using your sample of code, the font disapears (I mean that “Code128” font is not set anymore in the form) even if I get the correct value that I set for the textfield.

    Do you have any idea how to do this? I already tried to use BaseFont object with my Windows True Type font for Code128 but it is not working.

    Thank you in advance.

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