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iText in Action-Creating and Manipulating PDF

iText in Action
Creating and Manipulating PDF
iText in Action
Bruno Lowagie, Manning Publications Co. 2006
General Information
Release date: November 21, 2006
Page count: about 600 pages
ISBN: 1932394796
Price: $49.99 (Softbound print book) | $25.00 (PDF ebook)


PDF is the file format of choice whenever a document must preserve its structure and layout. This comprehensive guide to PDF generation and manipulation with the iText library will be a valuable long-term resource for those interested in understanding and working with PDFs. It is the only book about iText, written by one of the creators of this popular tool.

Developers looking to enhance web- and other applications with dynamic PDF document generation and/or manipulation will find this book unique in content and readability. Based on ongoing examples that encourage learning “in action”, they will finally understand PDF and learn how to build applications that produce professional, high-quality PDF documents.

While the basic functionality of iText is easy to acquire, this book lowers the learning curve for more advanced functionality. It explains how to use iText to create/manipulate PDF documents on-the-fly in one or more of the following situations:

* Due to time or size, the PDF documents can’t be produced manually.
* The content of the document must be calculated or based on user input.
* The content needs to be customized or personalized.
* The PDF content needs to be served in a web environment.
* Documents are to be created in “batch process” mode.

All the examples are written in Java, but they can be easily adapted to .NET by developers using one of the .NET ports: iTextSharp (C#) or iText.NET (#J). While iText is a free Java library and the examples are written from the point of view of the Java developer, nine out of ten examples can be run by .NET developers with only minimal changes.
Table of Contents:
Part 1: Introduction

* Chapter 1: iText, when and why
* Chapter 2: PDF engine jump-start
* Chapter 3: PDF, why and when

Part 2: Basic building blocks

* Chapter 4: Composing text elements
* Chapter 5: Inserting images
* Chapter 6: Constructing tables
* Chapter 7: Constructing columns

Part 3: PDF text and graphics

* Chapter 8: Choosing the right font
* Chapter 9: Using fonts
* Chapter 10: Constructing and painting paths
* Chapter 11: Adding color and text
* Chapter 12: Drawing to Java Graphics2D

Part 4: Interactive PDF

* Chapter 13: Browsing a PDF document
* Chapter 14: Automating PDF creation
* Chapter 15: Creating annotations and fields
* Chapter 16: Filling and signing AcroForms
* Chapter 17: iText in web applications
* Chapter 18: Under the hood

Extra: Appendices and more samples

* Extra: Appendices
* Extra: More samples (not in the book)
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