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ServPDF-OO – PDF-Server for OpenOffice

ImageServPDF-OO for  OpenOffice is a web based PDF Converter  Server (PDF-Server) for OpenOffice distributed as a small zip file (only 206 KByte). The installation process is very easy: Simply extract the archive into the OpenOffice directory like c:\Programs\OpenOffice2.0\ and run 2 batch files.

ServPDF-OO was developed as a server application with SPYCE (PYthon Server Pages) and uses the PyUNO API of OpenOfffice. Therefore the PyUNO API should be installed in OpenOffice.

Start the PDF Server:

ImageIf you have downloaded and extracted the archive into the OpenOffice directory, you can start OpenOffice with the included OOService.bat. After that you have to start the webserver with Spyce_Webserver.bat. This two files can be found in the ServPDF-OO directory which was extracted into the OpenOffice directory.

Convert Documents:

If the PDF-Server is running, you can point your Webbrowser to the local adress http://localhost:8000/index.spy and do some conversions. Other users can naw convert documents too by pointing their browser to the adress your mashine, where ServPDF-OO runs.

ServPDF-OO is compatible with OpenOffice 1.x andOpenOffice 2.x.

Supported are all documents, which OpenOffice can read. For example:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • OpenOffice documents
  • and more…

Download ServPDF- OO

btw, with a little modification, you can get a ServSwf-OO,SWF-Server for OpenOffice. and I have suggested a RAC buyer use this application.

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