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Word to PDF Converter in PHP using OpenOffice (Word2PDF)

Lots of people want to convert Word docs into PDF’s (Word2PDF). Here’s a Windows PHP converter of Word documents to PDF using OpenOffice via a COM wrapper of the OpenOffice API’s. It’s a lot of description for something fairly simple.

$oStruct->Name = $name;
$oStruct->Value = $value;
return $oStruct;
function word2pdf($doc_url, $output_url){
//Invoke the service manager
$osm = new COM("") or die ("Please be sure that is installed.\n");
//Set the application to remain hidden to avoid flashing the document onscreen
$args = array(MakePropertyValue("Hidden",true,$osm));
//Launch the desktop
$oDesktop = $osm->createInstance("");
//Load the .doc file, and pass in the "Hidden" property from above
$oWriterDoc = $oDesktop->loadComponentFromURL($doc_url,"_blank", 0, $args);
//Set up the arguments for the PDF output
$export_args = array(MakePropertyValue("FilterName","writer_pdf_Export",$osm));
//Write out the PDF
$output_dir = "C:/dev/openofficeintegration/docconverter/";
$doc_file = "C:/dev/openofficeintegration/docconverter/DpmR5Reqv1.20.doc";
$pdf_file = "DpmR5Reqv1.20.pdf";
$output_file = $output_dir . $pdf_file;
$doc_file = "file:///" . $doc_file;
$output_file = "file:///" . $output_file;


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