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Tiff2pdf-convert tiff to pdf with open source tool

Tiff-win32(Tiff for Windows) package of gunwin32 has a tool named tiff2pdf, from the name we know it can convert tiff to pdf.
the usage is

LIBTIFF, Version 3.8.2
Copyright (c) 1988-1996 Sam Leffler
Copyright (c) 1991-1996 Silicon Graphics, Inc.

usage: tiff2pdf [options] input.tiff
-o: output to file name
-j compress with JPEG
-z compress with Zip/Deflate
-q: compression quality
-n no compressed data passthrough
-d do not compress (decompress)
-u: set distance unit, ‘i’ for inch, ‘m’ for centimeter
-x: set x resolution default in dots per unit
-y: set y resolution default in dots per unit
-w: width in units
-l: length in units
-r: ‘d’ for resolution default, ‘o’ for resolution override
-p: paper size, eg “letter”, “legal”, “A4”
-f set PDF “Fit Window” user preference
-e: date, overrides image or current date/time default, YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
-c: sets document creator, overrides image software default
-a: sets document author, overrides image artist default
-t: sets document title, overrides image document name default
-s: sets document subject, overrides image image description default
-k: sets document keywords
-b set PDF “Interpolate” user preference
-h usage

it support multi-page tiff, from my test, it does not support all tiff format.
if you like it, you can download from or just download the tiff2pdfpart.


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