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using nup_pdf to convert PDF to booklet

from planetpdf forum, some body asked a question about ” Print PDf like book”

Suppose i have 12 pages in my pdf, I would like to print pdf on front and back sides (with 2 pages on front and 2 pages on back):
Here is the result I would like to have :
Front page 1 : 12p-1p
Back page 1 : 2p-11p
Front page 2 : 10p-3p
Back page 2 : 4p-9p
Front page 3 : 8p-5p
Back page 3 : 6p-7p

So I think maybe nup_pdf can do this job, after tested, we can do it in this way
nup_pdf in.pdf out.pdf 2 -k 1

how to make N-up PDF with free software,7

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