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How to Make Adobe Reader Remember Your Page

Adobe reader 8 supports “Restore last view settings when reopening documents”, so you can easily remember the page number that you read last time(as well as the zoom and pan settings). But by default, it does not enable the feature, so need we do some configure, the steps are as follow,
Click Edit > Preferences, choose Documents, and then check the box marked, “Restore last view settings when reopening documents.
Free free to have a look the screen shots.

bookmark_1.jpg bookmark_2.jpg

That’s it! Sometimes the best hacks are the simplest ones.

If your Adobe Reader version is lower than 8.0, please try this javascript plugin,

Download Unzip it, and then copy it into your Acrobat or Reader JavaScripts directory. Restart Acrobat/Reader, and bookmark_page.js will add new items to your View menu(from screen shot, you can find there are 4 menus under rotate view menu). bookmark_3.jpg

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