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SSH Library for DotNet

On RentACoder, a buyer want a C# SSH application,

We have a design for an SSH / Port Forwarding application that needs to be designed using .Net 1.1 and C#.

Attached with this bid is a PDF document outlining (to great detail) the needs of the application.

There is also a smaller application that will also need to be built using the same software.

You will be provided all images, it is important that the application looks exactly as shown in the design.

So i remember there is an article about sharpSsh on codeproject, and it also introduces another open souce SSH library for .NET,
but after I review the attachment the buyer offers, I notice the following words,

It is our request that Open Source Libraries NOT be used for this project and that all code is created in house. If Open Source Libraries are used then they should not require us to distribute our application as Open Source.

I am afraid that the buyer misunderstands the open source and license, most open source projects can be used in commercial applications, you just need take care how to use it.
SharpSsh bases on BSD license, it means you can freely use it in your application, just keep BSD License file in your application folder.
Granados SSH Library for .NET bases on Apache license, this license is also friendly for commercial applications.


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