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A Requirement about Document File Viewer

I think it is a interesting requirement about PDF and ebook, so I quote it here,

Many computer users have thousands of digital photos (aka pictures, images) and so, they need a tool like ACDSee or IrfanView or XnView, this is, a Photo/Picture/Image quick/rapid viewer/browser/explorer <=> Rather than manually click on each picture to launch a new instance of a viewer (what would be thousands of loads), this tools allow an extremely rapid, easy and comfortable viewing, sparing a lot of clicks, time consumed, CPU/RAM loads.

My project is not about photos, it is about eBooks/eArticles… I have thousands and thousands of PDF, CHM, DJVU, RGO, PDB files, and I need to see them rapidly (to delete the junk, and store the good ones). Well, I cannot imagine myself loading on Adobe Reader 10000 times, nor Microsoft hh.exe (Windows CHM Viewer) nor WinDjView (DJVU Viewer) nor RepliGo nor iSilo… Thus, I need something like ACDSee/IrfanView/XnView but for PDF, CHM, DJVU, RGO, PDB; rather than photos (such as JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP)…

My idea is NOT to build an app “from zero”/”from scratch”; my idea is to build an easy/simple app which acts as a “front-end”/”wrapper” to launch automatically instances of already-built viewers. So, I attach the portable versions of the viewers:

      Foxit PDF Reader(as PDF viewer)
      WinDjView (as DJVU viewer)
      xCHM (as CHM viewer)
      RepliGo Viewer (as RGO viewer)
      iSilo (as PDB viewer)

It is bid on RAC, and if you have interesting, you can try it, Document File Viewer

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