Pdftk.dll-Dynamic link library Version pdftk

After some modification, I compiled pdftk to Dynamic link library Version, pdftk.dll, and wote a delphi example to show how to use this DLL, here is the delphi example,

program pas;


// SysUtils;
function Convert(argc : integer; argv : Array of string): Integer; stdcall; external 'pdftk.dll' name '_Z7ConvertiPPc@8';

var s: Array of string;
size :=System.ParamCount;

for i:=0 to size-1 do
s[i]:= ParamStr(i+1);

the point of this example is Convert function, and the usage of Convert function is as same as the main method of pdftk.cc, so we can easily implement some new methods, such as encrypt40, encrypt128, decrypt, compress, uncompress, flatten, cat(merge), attach_files, unpack_files, burst/split, fill_form Add_background, Add_stamp, generate_fdf, dump_data, dump_data_fields, update_info, and so on.
so the pdftk.dll has the following features,

      Encrypt PDF with 48-bit and 128-bit support, of course, I can also implement AES support.
      Decrypt PDF
      Compress PDF
      UnCompress PDF
      Flatten PDF
      Cat PDF/Merge PDF, AKA, PDF Cat/PDF Merge
      Attach file to PDF
      Extract attachment from PDF
      Burst/Split PDF, AKA, PDF Split
      Fill PDF Form
      Add background to PDF
      Add stamp to PDF
      Generate FDF from PDF
      Dump data
      Dump data fields
      Update PDF Info
      Get PDF Info
      Repair PDF
      Rotate PDF

and if needed, I can also write a VB module to show how to use the pdftk.dll.
Any way, I still have no plan to release the pdftk.dll, because of some issues.

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