Batch ReaderEnable Usage

Before Install

Download and Intall

  • download Batch ReaderEnable(email me, and I will give you download address)
  • unzip(you can use winzip, winrar or 7-zip) it to any folder you like

Run it

  • run readerenable.exe
  • click “Open” button to select the folder has PDF files to convert
  • click “Save” button to select the folder that save the converted PDF files(pay attention, the folder must be writable).
  • the process will start, during the conversion, please do not click the mouse or any key of the keyboard.

How to Register

  • Buy it(only $39 per license).
  • please click “register” button, it will pop up a new windows, get the machine code and mail to me.
  • After I got the machine code, I will send you reg code ASAP.

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