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Nanoweb – an HTTP server written in PHP

Today I tried to find a light weight server that support PHP, then I found this one, Nanoweb

Nanoweb is an HTTP server written in PHP, designed to be small, secure, and extensible.
It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Nanoweb’s main features are :
– HTTP/1.1 compliance
– Powerful and easy configuration
– Modular architecture
– FastCGI, CGI and Server side includes support
– Name and port based virtual hosts
– Access control lists
– htpasswd, MySQL, PostgreSQL and LDAP authentication support
– Themes for server generated content
– Apache compatible log format, MySQL logging
– Directory browsing
– inetd support and SSL via external helpers
– Denial of Service protection
– Proxy Server extension
– Filters and gzip support
– RBL support (
– Extension Protocols (request methods) support
– … and a lot more

It is very easy to implement on window XP.

  • Download the PHP 5.2.8 zip package, unzip it in c:\php\
  • Unzip the nanoweb_2.2.9.tgz and run the install.bat, and c:\nanoweb will created
  • Run c:\nanoweb\nanostart.bat
  • Browser http://localhost and enjoy it.

Somebody has Installed WordPress locally with NanoWeb Server under Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10
I think it will be interesting if I can Install WordPress locally with NanoWeb Server under Windows as my own private diary, had better use sqlite, not mysql server, PDO (SQLite) For WordPress.

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