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How To Setup Multiple PDFCreator Printers With Different Configurations

I have tested the following solution on my Windows XP Professional with SP2(a virtual machine installed on virtualbox) and PDFCreator 0.9.7

This is based on my experiences on Windows XP Home with SP1 and PDFCreator 0.9.3

In this Example, I’ll set up two automatic local printers: PDF Printer and PNG Printer. But this shouldn’t matter, you’ll get the basic concept.

1. INI Files (you’ll need that in some steps)
2. Step by Step

== INI Files ===========

Have a look in
C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application data\PDFCreator

– The Path depends on your language.
In German it would be
“C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\[USERNAME]\Anwendungsdaten\PDFCreator”

– For [USERNAME] choose your logonname.
I just don’t know if PDFCreator also saves data in other Folders like “Default User” etc. Open your eyes honey.

== Step by Step ===========

1. Step
If PDFCreator is already installed
but you don’t find INI Files for PDFCreator on your Machine (See Section “INI Files” in this Guide)
then Uninstall PDFCreator

2. Step
Install PDFCreator with the Parameter “/UseINI”

PDFCreator-0_9_3_GPLGhostscript.exe /UseINI

(you may need to restart your machine)

3. Step
Make a copy of the INI File.
Rename it to something like


Make a copy of the shortcut for PDFCreator in your startmenu (or elsewhere).
Rename it to something like


In the shortcuts Properties extend the Target-Field with the Paramter
/OptionsFile “PATH TO PNGCreator.ini”

C:\Programs\PDFCreator\PDFCreator.exe /OptionsFile”C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application data\PNGCreator.ini”

5. Step
Execute the shortcut and make the settings to your PNG Printer or whatever. Exit with saving.

Don’t be confused. If you choose a language, PDF Creator will ignore this and always switch back to english.

6. Step
Now this is the Part where I’ll give you one general explanation and then tell you how it worked on my machine ;)

a: add new local printer
b: create it on a new port of Type “PDFCreator”
c: using the PDFCreator Driver
d: tell the printer to redirect it’s port to the PDFCreator Program -using the specific configuration file

My solution:
It happened, that the PDFCreator driver wasn’t listet on the driver selection when I installed the new printer.
What I did was simply installing the next best driver I could click on. ;)

a: add new printer

b: local printer
(dont search for new plug’n’play devices – there should be none)

c: create new port
Type: PDFCreator
PortName: anything like “PNGPrinter”

d: search for the PDFCreator Driver. If you dont’t find it – choose any driver you like or think sounds good

7. Step
a: Open Properties of the new Printer
b: go to the “ports” Tab,
click “configure”
c: On “Redirect this Port to the program:” fill in the path to the PDFCreator.exe

For me worked “C:\PROGRA~1\PDFCRE~1\PDFSPO~1.EXE”
d: On “Arguments for this programm are:” fill in the -OptionsFile”PATH TO PNGCreator.ini”
-OptionsFile”C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application data\PNGCreator.ini”

e: Save and Close Dialogs

Congratulations! Now you should be able to use more then one PDFCreator Printer on your Machine.

1 thought on “How To Setup Multiple PDFCreator Printers With Different Configurations”

  1. Here’s how I’ve done it

    * you may adapt to your specific configuration where needed

    #1 reinstall PDFCreator using /UseINI command line

    #2 Create a copy of “PDFCreator.ini” OUTSIDE it’s directory (C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]
    \Application Data\PDFCreator\)

    #3 Add a new printer
    – select “Local printer attached to this computer”; do not check “Automatically detect …”
    – select “Create a new port” and PDFCreator in the drop down list
    – name the new port
    – Install Ghostcript printer driver (C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\GS8.61\gs8.61\Lib\ghostpdf.inf)
    – Finish the process

    #4 Get to your printer properties
    – select the “Ports” tab
    – press “Configure Port…”
    – in “Redirect this port to the program:” input C:\PROGRA~1\PDFCRE~1\PDFSPO~1.EXE
    – in “Arguments for this program are:” input -PPDFCREATORPRINTER -OptionsFile”[Path to your copied ini file]”

    #5 Repeat this process for each new printer you may want; for convenience you may name, for each instance, your ini file, port and printer identically To access your setting without printing (if you want to change your auto-save setting for exemple) create a shortcut to PDFCreator.exe using /OptionsFile”[Path to your ini file]” command line

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