Convert XPS to PDF in two ways

1. Download GhostPDL 1.54:
2. Extract it, enter xps folder, build xps.
3. After the build you will find gxps.exe in xps\obj
4. Convert your XPS file to PDF format like this: gxps -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=test.pdf -dNOPAUSE test.xps
gxps also support other format,
ljet4, wtsimdi, bmpmono, bmp16m, bmp32b, bitcmyk, bitrgb, bit, pkmraw, ppmraw, pgmraw, pbmraw, pcx16, pcx256, pcx24b, cljet5, pcxmono, pcxcmyk, pcxgray, pxlmono, pxlcolor, tiffcrle, tiffg3, tiffg32d, tiffg4, tifflzw, tiffpack, tiff12nc, tiff24nc, png16m, pngmono, jpeg, pswrite, pdfwrite, wtscmyk, imdi, nullpage
download the last version gxps here,

Microsoft XPS Viewer(Integrated into Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or higher). or Microsoft XPS Essentials Pack(aka XPSEP, XPS EP, Opens XPS documents in a stand-alone viewer application) with PDF Printer, for example PDFCreator.

GhostPCL, GhostXPS, Ghostscript and GhostPDF

btw, I just noticed some body developed XPS2PDF bases on gxps.exe

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