Unrar Extract and Recover Is More Than A RAR Password Cracker

Unrar Extract and Recover is an open source solution to password recovery and mass extraction of RAR compressed archives. Handles password protected, multi-part and encrypted header archives with ease. Portable, no installation required, minimal memory footprint.

It provides manipulation (extraction and listing of embedded information) of compressed RAR format archives by interfacing with the unrar.dll dynamic library for Windows.

It’s purpose is threefold :

1.Extracts .RAR archives and can list information embedded inside the archives
2.Using multiple passwords to protect your files?
It frees you from having to remember each individual password by keeping a single password depository so letting you choose as many passwords as needed.

3.Have you forgotten the password of a password protected archive?
Can retrieve the password by using the dictionary attack method. Give it a wordlist and it will attempt all words against the archive. Once it retrieves the password it continues with extracting the archive.
Unrar Extract and Recover is also a portable software.
Want to download the source code or executable? Please visit here.

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