Converting Adobe Designer Static forms to Acrobat PDF Forms

In Ted Padova‘s post, he said,

Adobe Designer 8 supports two different types of forms: Static forms and Dynamic forms. If a form is created as a static form you can easily convert the form in Acrobat 8 to a PDF form.

and he give the steps on how to convert Adobe Designer forms to Acrobat PDF Forms.

This let me thought that I have also done this kind job before, but I did not rely on Adobe Acrobat, just rely iTextSharp, I have used it in my demo software FormServer, and it also have a online demo, Fill and Save PDF Form online, in fact they are the clone of commercial software.
Here is some features about FormServer,

  • support automatically convert static PDF forms created by Adobe Designer to Acrobat Form.
  • support save data to PDF Forms without Adobe Acrobat, only Adobe reader is enough.
  • support save data to FDF

And a HK company found my FormServer, and asked for the source code of “Converting static PDF forms created by Adobe Designer to Acrobat Form”, finally I sold they on US$400.

With the examples of Bruno Lowagie,Using iText to Fill PDF Forms Created by Adobe Designer, iText can both support Dynamic Forms and Static Forms created by Adobe Designer now.

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