How to fix pclzip_err_bad_format issue when automatically update Piwik

Piwik 0.5.2 out, but when you try to automatically update it, you still meet pclzip_err_bad_format error. I do not want to manually update it every time, so I decide to find out the issue, from the keyword, “pclzip_err_bad_format”, I think maybe something wrong with PclZip.
The version of PclZip in Piwik is 2.8, but the last version of PclZip is 2.8.2, so I download the last version PclZip, unzip and replace the old version in Piwik, then the issue is gone.
the step in details is,
download the last version PclZip , or you can download it from here directly,

  • wget
  • tar -zxfv pclzip-2-8-2.tgz
  • cp piwik/libs/PclZip/pclzip.lib.php piwik/libs/PclZip/
  • cp pclzip.lib.php piwik/libs/PclZip/pclzip.lib.php
  • do the automatically update now.

I think I had better suggest Piwik team to update PclZip, so every can easily update Piwik from next version.

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