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How to Repair Adobe Acrobat

Some users reported that my batch readerenable did not work, and they have installed Adobe Acrobat, after some checking, I got the answer, the installation of Adobe Acrobat has been changed, and need repair the installation of it.

The need to repair Adobe Acrobat can arise from a faulty installation or from file corruption that occurs at a later time. Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro provides a procedure to repair installation files without re-installing the program from the CD. If Adobe Acrobat is not running properly or you’re receiving a lot of error messages, the repair option will restore all installation files to their original state.


  1. Close all open programs. Frequently, installation programs need to access files that are also used by other programs. Closing all programs before you repair Adobe Acrobat will enable it to run without your input during the 10 to 20 minutes it takes to complete the repair. Moreover, you will be asked to reboot your computer at the end of the repair. If you reboot without closing all open programs, you may lose data.
  2. Open Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. Verify that no PDF documents are open. Although the repair should proceed without error, if you encounter problems it’s best not to risk corrupting an open file.
  3. Begin repair. Click “Help,” and select “Repair Acrobat Installation.” This action will begin the repair process.
  4. Reboot. Acrobat will notify you when the repair process is complete with a pop-up screen requesting that you reboot your computer. This can be done immediately or, if you have open programs and files that need to be closed first, it can be delayed. However, changes will not take effect until you reboot.
  5. Verify installation. After rebooting, open Adobe Acrobat to verify that it is running correctly. Open a few PDF files and close them, perform some searches and so on. If prior errors occurred during specific operations, repeat those operations now. If you continue to encounter problems, check the “Troubleshoot Installation Errors” link in the Resources section below for a list of known problems and conflicts.from:

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