RubyPDF Blog software PdfArticle Windows Version Releases

PdfArticle Windows Version Releases

PdfArticle is a pdf viewer for mathematical articles (GNU/GPL v3). Its goal is to present for eah page the images of its references, such as bibliographies, theorems and equations.

PdfArticle Screenshot

PdfArticle  is a Qt4 application, depends on Poppler-Qt to render PDF,  so it is cross platform application, but the author said

For now it is only available for Linux, due to the dependance of Poppler. A compile version for Windows and/or Mac would be greatly welcome, and also debian and redhat packages :)

With the help of the last version MinGW cross compiling environment, I successfully compiled a Windows x86(32-bit) version. and have tested on Windows 64-bit, and please download here.

P.S. If you want to download Linux version package (Debian/Ubuntu,Redhat,Mandriva) or source code, please visit here.

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