pdf2htmlEX v0.9 Windows Verion Release

After some modification,  win32 static version pdf2htmlEX  has been compiled with the help of  MXE under Ubuntu.

It has only one pdf2htmlEX.exe and a data folder, others are optional, for example, readme, changelog, license and so on.

pdf2hemlEX archive

pdf2htmlEX version screen shot pdf2htmlEx in action

I will offer the modified source code and explain how to compile it with the help of mxe soon. and now I just list some modifications,

  • support windows temp directory,mkdtemp bases on the modified version of mktemp.
  • only tested under windows 64-bit system(tried all the example offered by the author, all successful).
  • change the share folder name to data
  • can automatically find the data folder, by default,  the data folder  is under the same folder with pdf2htmlEX.exe

to download software, please visit here.



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