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pdf2htmlEX 0.11 Windows Version Release

It was reported pdf2htmlEx v0.10 is not stable, and want poppler encoding data can be included, so I release pdf2htmlEX v0.11 windows edition, bases on developing v0.11 and Poppler-0.24.4.

pdf2htmlEx v0.11 has two edition, the executive is same, but one embed poppler encoding data, and one has no.

  • Compress JS with closure-compiler
  • Compress CSS with YUI Compressor
  • Remove jQuery
  • Lots of JS code cleaning
  • Enable global key handler by default
  • Use WOFF by default
  • Always generate TTF before the final output
  • Fix CSS for loading-indicator
  • Do not set style for global <span>


In order to make the folder cleaner, pdf2htmlEX data also be put into share folder, because the default folder of poppler encoding data is “./share/poppler/”.


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