pdf2htmlEX 0.13.6 windows version released

pdf2htmlEX  0.13.6 Win32 static version is out.

It is not an easy job to compile fontforge under mxe (M cross environment), because if depends python, even –disable-python-scripting –disable-python-extension

this version depends on poppler 0.32.0 and fontforge 20150430.

here is the output when i run pdf2htmlex -v

pdf2htmlEX version 0.13.6
Copyright 2012-2014 Lu Wang <coolwanglu(@)gmail.com> and other contributors
poppler 0.32.0
libfontforge 20150619
cairo 1.12.18
Default data-dir: D:\tmp\pdf2htmlEX-win32-0.13.6/data
Supported image format: png jpg svg


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