RubyPDF Blog tutorial How to install PencilBlue on Cloud9

How to install PencilBlue on Cloud9

Cloud9 workspace is a Ubuntu virtual machine with a powerful online code editor.

PencilBlue is the only Node.js CMS and blogging platform to meet all the needs of a modern website.

Here is the steps,

  1. Sign up with Github, Bitbucket or Email

  2. Create a Nodejs workspace

  3. Setting Up MongoDB
    Setting Up MongoDB

    MongoDB is preinstalled on a Cloud9 workspace. To run MongoDB, run the following below (passing the correct parameters to it). Mongodb data will be stored in the folder data.

    $ mkdir data
    $ echo 'mongod --bind_ip=$IP --dbpath=data --nojournal --rest "$@"' > mongod
    $ chmod a+x mongod

    You can start mongodb by running the mongod script on your project root:

    $ ./mongod
  4. Install PencilBlue
    Install PencilBlue

    $ npm install -g pencilblue-cli
    $ pencilblue install cms
  5. Run PencilBlue

    $ cd cms
    $ pencilblue start
 Setup Pencilblue Pencilblue Admin

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