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PdfCrypt – Another Free Pdf Encrypt and Decrypt Software

PdfCrypt is a windows 32 console/command line version PDF encrypt & decrypt software, supports standard 48 bits, 128 bits, AES-128 bits encryption, and decryption. And first of all,it is free.

Download now(1.84M).

If you need java source code, linux stand alone version, or .net version, please let me know.

It bases on modified version iText 1.5.4 and gcj 3.4.2, compressed with UPX 3.03.

Here is the usage manual,


= encrypt
[info pairs]

= decrypt

permissions is 8 digit long 0 or 1. Each digit has a particular security function:

AllowFillIn (128 bit only)
AllowScreenReaders (128 bit only)
AllowAssembly (128 bit only)
AllowDegradedPrinting (128 bit only)

Example permissions to copy and print would be: 10100000

Some example,
pdfcrypt encrypt in.pdf out.pdf owner_pwd user_pwd 10100000 AES
pdfcrypt encrypt in.pdf out.pdf owner_pwd “” 11100000 128 //128 bits encrypt with owner password
pdfcrypt encrypt in.pdf out.pdf “” user_pwd 11100000 128 //18 bits encrypt with user password
pdfcrypt decrypt in.pdf out.pdf owner_pwd
if the owner password is empty, please use it in this way,
pdfcrypt decrypt in.pdf out.pdf “”
It means if the pdf only encrypted with user password, you can easily remove the password without the password.
If you forget the owner password, you can try pdfcrack to get it and use PdfCrypt to remove the owner password

21 thoughts on “PdfCrypt – Another Free Pdf Encrypt and Decrypt Software”

  1. Hello,

    Can you send me the C# source code please?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hello,
    could you send me a copy of java source code?
    I developed similar tools, based on itext 1.3, and I would like to go on developing using newer itext versions.
    You can send the source code to

    Thank you very much,
    Happy New Year!

  3. I am very much interested in getting either the C or the Java source code for teaching purposes. In my courses of Cryptography I use different applications and examples and this one looks very interesting for my students

    Thank you

    Please use or

  4. Hi!
    It wiil be great if you can send a copy of c# .net version code that will very helpful.

    Please send

    Thank you very much.

  5. Could you send me a copy of your Java code? My Thank you!

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